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The Technical sessions of AFJASSST will convene on August 24 and 25, 2022. The conclusions and recommendations will be presented on September 2nd 2022 during the TICAD8 official Side Event “TUNISIA TICAD INNOVATION” organized by APII.
AFJASSST: Opportunities & Challenges of Integrating Africa in the Global Innovation Chain
The « Africa-JApan Symposium on Society, Science and Technology », « AFJASSST », will be organised on the occasion of TICAD 8. AFJASSST will be a platform for partnership in science and technology between Africa, Japan and the TICAD Community. It will also be a mechanism for the integration of Africa into the Global Research, Innovation, Technology and Science, "GRITS", chain. It will try to learn from and draw on the experience and lessons learned from the SATREPS experience.
AFJASSST will bring together from Africa, Japan, and the TICAD Community:

R : Researchers, Research Institutes and Academic institutions from African countries, Japan and countries of the TICAD community.
B : Companies, industrialists and potential users of research results, findings and solutions.
P : Policy and decision makers interested in research and innovation and technology transfer for industrial, economic, social and cultural challenges. AFJASSST intends to achieve its mission and objectives by meetings/Dialogues R2B, B2R, R2R, P2R&B, etc. and thus
1. Giving researchers(R) the opportunity to present their research results, findings and solutions to potential users(B) and/or (P) for possible industrial and commercial use and valorization for beneficial social, economic and cultural impact;
2. Giving private and public users of research output, (B) and/or (P), the opportunity to present to researchers(R) technical issues, research problems, challenges encountered in or raised by the practice of their professional and business activities, public, desired solutions which can be incorporated in their research and academic projects, agendas, and programs.
3. Giving researchers(R) the opportunity to interact, network and partner with other researchers (R) on research issues, methodologies, good research practices Valorize the research and technology transfer and innovation for;
4. Engaging public policy and decision makers (P) to groupthink on the improvement of the doing research environment and bringing closer together researchers and research results and solutions providers (R) and private and public users(B) of research output
Strategic debates
The objective of this strategic debate is to explore:
• The deepening of the SATREPS experience of Japan in Africa and around the World
• Contribution of SATREPS to the TICAD mission, objectives and agendas for the development of Africa
• The opportunity and the possibility of establishing an African alliance and an Africa-Japan partnership in research, innovation, science, technology and the industrialization of knowledge, inventions and solutions to Africa's and international sustainable development challenges.



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