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Professor Hechmi Louzir

Prof. Hechmi Louzir
IPT, Tunisia

Hechmi Louzir is Professor of Medicine (Immunology) at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis / University Tunis El Manar and Director General of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis, Tunisia.
Hechmi Louzir is graduated from Tunis medical school, and then followed an internship in Tunis and Institut Pasteur in Paris. In late 1988 he joined the laboratory of immunology at Institut Pasteur in Tunis and, as Assistant Professor, the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis/University of Tunis El Manar. He developed many research programs on the host pathogen interaction during leishmaniasis and contributed to the development of curricula and teaching of basic and clinical immunology for the students of the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis and others Faculties. He is author or coauthor of more than eighty original publications and several patents. He has worked in more than 30 research projects funded by international agencies and directed the research of more than 40 students, including 6 PhD.
Since July 2007, Hechmi Louzir is the Director General of the Institut Pasteur in Tunis and elected member of the Assembly of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. He served, as member of the scientific council of many International Research Institutes or Organizations. His Institute is actually involved in the COVID-19 crisis.

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