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Dr. Thouraya Boussoffara

Thouraya Boussoffara
IPT, Tunisia

Thouraya Boussoffara,Phd, Associate Professor in immunology.Researcher in the Laboratory of Transmission, control and Immunobiology of Infections at Pasteur Institute of Tunis, Tunisia.
The main field of my researchis the immunobiology of leishmaniasis and particularlythe characterization of the immune correlates of protection and identification ofantigens/peptides, target of this immune response, which might constitute potential candidatefor the development of vaccine against leishmaniasis. The evaluation of hostimmune responseagainst Leishmaniaand its impact on the resistance to re-infectionwas doneby conducting large-scale prospective longitudinal study onLeishmaniatransmission area.
Thereby, I have been involved in several collaborative international projects aiming to development of a vaccine against this infectious disease. Thus, my expertise in monitoring the immune response to analyse the immunogenicity and efficacy of vaccine in animal models (mice and dogs).

Health, Biology, Biotechnology and Agriculture


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