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Dr. Akrem Hayouni

Dr. El Akrem HAYOUNI
CBBC, Tunisia

Biography El Akrem Hayouni, PhD/Engineer in Biotechnology and Bioprocess, is a full Associate Professor at Center of Biotechnology, Borj-Cedria. He holds a Ph-D, a DEA degree and a Diploma of Engineer all of them in Bioengineering/Biotechnology from High school of Engineering, Sfax. He worked in many institutions: Institute of Pasteur-Tunis, National Higher School of Agricultural and Food Industries (France), National Institute of Applied Sciences (Tunis)...
Dr. Hayouni publishes many scientific papers and got many scientific awards for his researches: (2021) Best price (all categories) in the Innov'In Bio seminar of the national competition for the best innovative projects in Biotechnology organized by BioTechnopole Sidi Thabet and Connect'Innov (Tunisia), (2019) laureate Rising Talent founded by UNESCO-L’Oreal by winning a Post-Doc fellowship for his student, (2016) Laureate of the Innovation-Competition held at National level by Ministry of Industry. (2008) laureate of the International Fair of Agricultural Investment and Technology, (2008) Second Scientific award of 16th BSB-Toyota price.
He is/was a Visiting Professor in many international and national institutions: Tropical Biosphere Center (TBRC), University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. Polytech Central, Polytech Intl, Faculty of Pharmacy, High institute of Biotechnology...in Tunisia.
Dr. Hayouni is also an active reviewer in more than 10 scientific journals and is an active member of some scientific and academic associations. Since 2021 he is Fellow of the Pan-African Scientific Research Council (PASRC). He is also expert and active member in many scientific and technical steering committees (2020): member of Monitoring Committee at the National Agency for Sanitary and Environmental Control of Products in collaboration with WHO). He assumed the supervision of M. Phil, Master degree and Engineer degree candidates...
Since 2011, Dr. Hayouni is Founder of AMTT Company and since 2018 he was principal investigator and expert of the pilot project Edible insects for Food and Feed. He is also the CBBC national contact point of the international SATREPS project. He was also an External Expert for evaluation of ERANETMED and ARMINET 2....
Dr. Hayouni is focusing his research on topics of natural products: secondary metabolites and biopolymers (from various sources: plants, fungi, bacteria, insects...) and their uses in bio-industries and in drug discovery and therapy. These investigations are hoped to promptly boost the Neutraceutical, Cosmeceuticals and therapeutic fields as well as to ensure healthy Food and Feed in Tunisia, Africa and worldwide.

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