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Dr. Arafet MANAA

Dr. Arafet MANAA
CBBC, Tunisia

Dr. Arafet MANAA obtained his Doctorate in Biological Sciences from the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (2012), actually working at the Centre of Biotechnology of Borj Cédria as a senior researcher and he coordinated several national and international research projects in the Laboratory of Extremophile Plants.
He actively contributed in the field of plant physiology and biotechnology, with particular emphasis on the characterization of the plant response to abiotic constraints (salinity, drought, and nutritional deficiencies) with physiological, biochemical and molecular approaches, the valorisation of extremophile plants (halophytes, xerophytes and xerohalophytes) for the rehabilitation of marginal areas with a greatest attention to quinoa as a “cash crop halophytes” and promising tolerant species with high economic potential.

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