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Dr. Nadia FENINA

Doctor Nadia FENINA

Doctor Nadia FENINA:
 Is the Executive General Director of the Department of Health Investment and Export at the Ministry of Health, has potentially worked on strengthening public / private partnerships and promoting the export of health services (patients, students, products, etc.) particularly in Africa and was the adviser of the minister of health (2016-2018) and General Director of Pharmacy and Medicine (2007-2014). She is the Head of the project to support the promotion of investments and exports of health services and products, with funding and technical assistance from the African Development Bank.
 Followed many educations and training: PhD in Sciences Pharmaceutical, Master research in Fundamental Pharmacokinetic and Clinic, Doctorate in pharmacy, diploma of Cosmetology, and Certificate of Transparency - USA... She is a professor at the University of Pharmacy. She has published numerous nationally and internationally research.
 Was the Vice-Chair of the Task Team of African Union for the establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA) and has participated in many actions in order to fight against circulation of counterfeit drugs particularly affecting the African market. She is an expert with many international organisations: WHO, EMA, African Union, NEPAD...
 Has been awarded the US Department of State’s 2015 Women in Science Hall of Fame award. She’s occupied several responsibilities and associative life. Through her position and as a founding president of the association and center for persons with handicap, she acquired the art of communicating with others.

Health, Biology, Biotechnology and Agriculture